Celebration of World Oceans Day 2021

Oceans, music and words by Simon Haw MBE, is a musical portrait of mankind's final earth-bound frontier; from the tumultuous, angry Atlantic Ocean, to the frozen, wind-swept black abyss of the Arctic Ocean, the deep, restful blue of the Pacific Ocean, the serene Indian Ocean and the vast horizons of the Southern Oceans, seemingly untouched for all time; Oceans is a journey of discovery.

Our Oceans help preserve the air we breathe and contain almost all of the world’s water. They sustain the food we eat and by absorbing carbon dioxide, they help reduce the effects of climate change.

Oceans was commissioned by the CYO in 2019 to mark and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission and it is dedicated to all who are working to save our Oceans.

1. Atlantic Ocean
Taste the sea!
The giant, angry, tumultuous Atlantic sea!
Taste the sea!

2. Arctic Ocean
Hear the bitter Arctic wind?
Shrieking whining,
Cursing cussing,
Spitting hissing
Pulling tugging;
White wisps playing a merry dance,
Above the black abyss.

3. Pacific Ocean
Breathe, Breath, Breath

4. Indian Ocean
Swim, slide,
Swoosh, stop,
Touch, feel
Linger, drift,
Life’s tender warmth;
Love’s embrace.

5. Southern Ocean
See the vast horizons,
Trace the vast horizons:
Seemingly etched, for eternity.
Breathe, Breath, Breath

Oceans, music and words by Simon Haw MBE.
Oceans was commissioned by CYO in 2019

Oceans was recorded at Abbey Road in January 2019
By the Commonwealth Scholars Choir and the
Commonwealth Orchestra and Youth Orchestra,
conducted by Simon Haw MBE.