Commonwealth Youth Orchestra & Choir

The mission of the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra & Choir is to use music as a means of international dialogue, knowing no boundaries.

The Commonwealth Youth Orchestra & Choir brings together communities across the Commonwealth through music, transcending all cultural, political, social and economic boundaries. It delivers its mission through a three-point plan: "Engage-Educate-Empower" and through its pan-Commonwealth music activities and its unique education initiative - the Commonwealth Music Partnership - which is linking all the choirs, orchestras and music schools in the Commonwealth for opportunities exchange and collaboration.

Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, is Diamond Jubilee Patron 2012 of The Commonwealth Youth Orchestra & Choir.

As part of the Commonwealth Diamond Jubilee Legacy, The Commonwealth Youth Orchestra & Choir established The Commonwealth Children's Orchestra & Choir and The Commonwealth Symphony Orchestra, which creates platforms and employment for musicians in all 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

Her Majesty The Queen, Head of The Commonwealth
Diamond Jubilee Patron 2012, Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir

“The Commonwealth has an inspiring way of bringing people together and the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir is a reminder of how truly vibrant this international family is.”
The Queen’s Christmas Message 2017

The Rt Hon. the Lord Howell of Guildford
President, Royal Commonwealth Society and Chairman, Council of Commonwealth Societies
Honorary Vice-President, Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir

“I personally regard the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir as one of the jewels in The Commonwealth crown and should be 'on display' at every opportunity!”

His Excellency Kamalesh Sharma, Commonwealth Secretary-General (2008-2016)
Patron, Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir

"Director-General, Sally Shebe is a Commonwealth Pioneer - with courage and determination she has delivered the extraordinary achievements and ground-breaking work of the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra & Choir, with an unique vision of using the soft power of music as a means of international dialogue throughout all 53 countries of The Commonwealth."

The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, Commonwealth Secretary-General (2016 - )
Patron, Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir

“It is a huge pleasure and privilege to hold the baton that has been passed to me by the Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma. There is much for us to do for the Secretary-General’s vision for the orchestra and choir and I hope that together we will make great music, in harmony with each other.”

Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth