Commonwealth Community Heritage

A Commonwealth and National Focus
Convening the Constituency of the Commonwealth
2.2 Billion Commonwealth Citizens and 53 Commonwealth Governments

'The Commonwealth makes the world safe for diversity' – Nelson Mandela

Launched at Marlborough House in November 2014 Commonwealth Community Heritage is a Commonwealth and National focus initiative, which is an annual, on-going and recurring, initiative which takes as its starting point a National Focus Day of each of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

The aim of Commonwealth Community Heritage is to give an ever-expanding international visibility to, and focus on, what is being achieved by Commonwealth citizens, communities and organisations through social enterprise and innovation, in each Commonwealth country generally, and also specifically, in the 4 areas of:

1.              Politics - Diplomacy
2.              Business - Enterprise
3.              Education - Academia
4.              Music - Creative Arts and Media

This national focus and international visibility within a Commonwealth context is delivered through Commonwealth Community Heritage live-streamed National Focus Events and Workshops, virtual Pan-Commonwealth engagement and website display.

For further information and application information follow the link:

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