Commonwealth Music Competitions

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International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace, Monday 21 September 2020, in Westminster, UK, The Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir (CYO) announced the winners of two of its landmark music contests:

  • Commonwealth Music Competition 2019
  • Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2019

These music competitions were very kindly sponsored by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).

The results were delayed until this time on account of the global Covid-19 pandemic.



Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Secretary-General, Stephen Twigg (left) with Ian B. Wilson, Winner of the Commonwealth Music Competition 2019.

Photo Credit: Chris Lobina

Commonwealth Music Competitions Schedule

Commonwealth Music Competitions are open to all Commonwealth Citizens.
The schedule of Commonwealth Competitions is as follows:


2014      Commonwealth Music Competition 2014
              Winner - Natasha Senanayake

2015      Commonwealth Community Choir Competition 2015
              Winner - Port Harcourt Male Ensemble

2016      Commonwealth Music Competition 2016
              Winner - Simon Haw MBE

2017      Commonwealth Community Choir Competition 2017
              Winner - National Youth Choir of Antigua and Barbuda

              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2017
              Winner - Choir of St Michael’s School, London Borough of Newham

2018/2019 Commonwealth Music Competition 2018/2019
               Winner: Ian B. Wilson

               Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2018/19

               Winners: Bishop Anstey Junior School Choir
                              Creative Saint Helena
                              Star Glee Choir


2020      Commonwealth Band Competition 2020
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2020

2021      Commonwealth Music Competition 2021
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2021

2022      Commonwealth Community Choir Competition 2022
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2022

2023      Commonwealth Band Competition 2023
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2023

2024      Commonwealth Music Competition 2024
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2024

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