Commonwealth Music Competitions

“A Song For The Commonwealth” by Simon Haw MBE
Winner of the Commonwealth Music Competition 2016 - Music for Peace & Development

"A Song For The Commonwealth"  written by the composer Simon Haw MBE, has been awarded First Prize in the Commonwealth Music Competition 2016 - Music for Peace & Development.

A music video of "A Song For The Commonwealth" , with images of members of the Commonwealth Children's Choir together with some of their Commonwealth Music Partners, can been listened to by following this link.

Having won First Prize, Simon Haw has now become Commonwealth Music Ambassador 2016 - 2018 and over the next 24 months he will be taking part in various music education and performance initiatives involving musicians from across the Commonwealth.

Congratulating Simon Haw on having written such an excellent song for the Commonwealth, Paul Carroll, Artistic Director and Composer-in-Residence of the Commonwealth Orchestras and Choirs, commented:

"Through both the lyrics and music of this song, you have caught the Commonwealth spirit of inclusiveness and respect for diversity. We all very much look forward to our music collaborations across the Commonwealth going forward".

The Chairman of the Commonwealth Music Council and Commonwealth Orchestras and Choirs, Professor David Rowland, said in his congratulatory speech:

"The Commonwealth Childrens' Choir have greatly enjoyed working with you and recording "A Song For The Commonwealth" with the Household Division, and in a very short time you have already fully engaged with them all and we are delighted that we will be working closley with you on some very exciting perfomances in the near future".

On receiving the award, Simon Haw responded:

"I am delighted to hear that "A Song For The Commonwealth" has been awarded First Prize in the Commonwealth Music Competition 2016 and as such will be the featured song for all entrants in both the Commonwealth Band Competition 2017 and the Commonwealth Community Choir Competition 2017. I am very honoured that you have accepted my offer to use the song, without any cost, in support of the Commonwealth Orchestras' and Choirs' mission to use music as a means of international dialogue, knowing no boundaries."


Major Simon Haw MBE is currently the Director of Music of the Band of the Coldstream Guards. He joined the Band of the Welsh Guards in 1988 as trumpet player and later became its Staff Arranger, he graduated from the Royal Military School of Music and was awarded the Medal for the Best All Round Student Bandmaster of the Year.

Simon has been Bandmaster of the Band of the Prince of Wales's Division, Director of Music of the Band of the Scots Guards and of The Queen's Division.

Primarily engaged as a conductor, Simon is a distinguished composer and music arranger in a wide range of genres.

Commonwealth Music Competitions Schedule

Commonwealth Music Competitions are open to all Commonwealth Citizens.
The schedule of Commonwealth Competitions is as follows:


2014      Commonwealth Music Competition 2014
              Winner - Natasha Senanayake

2015      Commonwealth Community Choir Competition 2015
              Winner - Port Harcourt Male Ensemble

2016      Commonwealth Music Competition 2016
              Winner - Simon Haw MBE

2017      Commonwealth Band Competition 2017
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2017

              Winners will be announced on Commonwealth Day 12 March 2018



2018      Commonwealth Music Competition 2018
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2018


2019      Commonwealth Community Choir Competition 2019
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2019

2020      Commonwealth Band Competition 2020
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2020

2021      Commonwealth Music Competition 2021
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2021

2022      Commonwealth Community Choir Competition 2022
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2022

2023      Commonwealth Band Competition 2023
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2023

2024      Commonwealth Music Competition 2024
              Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2024


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